free scarves from wubet

they seem to be so free, right?

beautiful, beautiful handwoven scarves
(or shawls? i don't even know the difference)
from wubet autumn/winter 2011 and autumn/winter 2010.
designed by arnold haas.

that i found on susan's sugar diaries.

also, talking about freebies...
i didn't forget about the promise
i made here.
i swear i've been thinking about
what it sould be, ever since...
by now i decided that it should
be some nice tote bag that i make...
i kinda have the design already.
never really made a nice tote bag before
(well, i made a few simple ones
for family as christmas presents),
but that shouldn't be a problem,
of course i'll manage it.
i can still sew, i hope. :P
but i need to buy some fabric and stuff first.
please bear with me.